When it comes to delivery, Jack serves it up like any ACE in the rotation… straight down the middle. He is straightforward and no nonsense. He speaks truthfully, in an …

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As part of Team Panzenbeck, Jack put Glen Cove on a positive financial trajectory. Higher bond ratings mean lower borrowing costs to the the City. By focusing on high priority …

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Proven Leadership

As a retired 25 year Police Officer/Sergeant (Glen Cove P.D.), Jack brings his leadership, communication, and consensus building skills to Glen Cove City Hall. Jack understands the dynamics and needs …

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Return Jack Mancusi to the Glen Cove City Council

As a candidate for City Council in 2021, I promised to use all the skills I acquired as a Police Officer and Sergeant in the City of Glen Cove Police Department to bring about positive change in the City. I made three commitments to the people of Glen Cove:

  1. To manage the 2022 operational and capital budgets in a fiscally responsible manner
  2. To restore access to public fishing land which was taken away by the prior administration
  3. To hold developers accountable to the people of Glen Cove (not just special interests) and prevent the urbanization of Glen Cove

In 2022 as a part of Team Panzenbeck, I worked with the Council to eliminate wasteful spending and trim down the capital borrow. These efforts culminated in two Moody’s bond upgrades for the City, an increase in the City’s financial outlook as determined by the NYS comptroller’s office, and a budget surplus for the fiscal year 2022. There is every expectation that the fiscal year 2023 budgets will enjoy similar results.

As a freshman candidate for City Council, I promised to hold big developers and special interests accountable to the taxpayers of Glen Cove. I strongly advocated that these corporate giants pay their fair share for development that was additional to and outside the scope of their original deals. I also stood against mammoth residential development which would have further eroded the small-town quality of our little City. These efforts leveled the playing field between the developers and taxpayers, resulting in better partnerships with our current developers and more modest expectations from those proposing future projects.

In 2022 the prior administration erected a fence cutting off residents’ access to fishing grounds on Morgan’s (East) Island which had been accessible to the public for centuries. I campaigned on restoring access to these lands. Through careful negotiations with the CDA/IDA, private property owners, and my fellow members of the City Council, I was able to restore access to these lands.

I kept my promises and delivered on my commitments. I am ready to serve another term on the Council, keeping my promises and delivering results.

Other accomplishments I was proud to cast votes on are:

  1. The provision of our emergency services with the latest training and equipment, making Glen Cove one of the safest communities on Long Island
  2. Repairs and upgrades to our drinking water infrastructure to ensure clean drinking water for generations to come
  3. The beautification and improvement of our parks and sports facilities
  4. The paving of roads and repair of sidewalks

There are many other accomplishments I am proud of, too numerous to list. Please support Jack Mancusi for City Council and Team Panzenbeck in November.

Paid for by: “Friends of Jack Mancusi”