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Jack Issuing a “residents only” warning to a trespasser at Morgan Park, a migrating harp seal. The seal complied and left on request. No enforcement action necessary 🙂

Jack Mancusi graduated from Glen Cove High School and later received a business degree from SUNY Oneonta. He then spent 25 years working the streets of Glen Cove as a Police Officer. In those 25 years he responded to countless calls for service. A sample of calls he answered:

  • Crimes in progress
  • Domestic disputes
  • Auto accidents (ranging from fender benders to fatalities)
  • Ambulance calls
  • Missing persons
  • The passing of loved ones

There were many others. After 16 years as a patrol officer, he was promoted to the rank of Patrol Sergeant. During his nine years as a Sergeant, he supervised patrol officers in the course of their duties. Jack also supervised the Training Unit where he instructed all members of the department on topics including the reasonable use of force, firearms, non-lethal devices (TASER), and de-escalation.

Most of a Police Officer’s interactions are unremarkable; a simple traffic stop, an alarm call, a customer/manager dispute. Others, although brief, can become quite intensely personal. Grieving the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one, reassuring the victim of a violent attack, and providing assistance to people trapped in a cycle of domestic violence are some examples.

Jack has a unique perspective on Glen Cove from both residential and city management perspectives. He will apply all the skills acquired during his career to re-engage everyone who has “checked out” of local politics.

As part of city government, Jack will focus all of his efforts on determining the will of the citizens of Glen Cove. By using his career skills to engage and evaluate community needs, he will help establish a master plan for the City that makes sense to all. Any new development must be evaluated and permitted only if it moves Glen Cove forward toward prosperity and doesn’t negatively impact the residents of our fine city.